Gray portland cement type 2 Introduction

This type of cement is produced in accordance with the specifications set forth in the Iranian National Standard No. 389-ISIRI and the American Standard-ASTM C150 and has a maximum limit (C3A) of 8%. The initial and final strength of standard mortar is less than type 1 cement. Type 2 cement as modified cement is more resistant to the average attack of sulfates than ordinary cement and is used in cases where groundwater or soil contains a small amount of sulfate (in water less than 1200 PPm and in soil less than 0.5%.)

Due to lower calorific value, it is also used in relatively bulky concretes. The use of this gray type of cement in hot weather is recommended for the risk of increasing the temperature of ordinary concrete to more than C320 and bulk concreting to more than C150. The use of this type of cement in environments where chlorine ion and sulfate are present together and also concreting in cold weather is not recommended. (Portland gray type 2 is used in structures and foundations.)