Portland cement type 5 introduction

This type of cement is produced in accordance with the specifications set out in the Iranian National Standard No. 389-ISIRI and the American Standard C150-ASTM and is produced as a modified Portland cement. It is especially used in the manufacture of concretes that require moderate hydration heat. This cement is known as cement with high resistance to sulfate invasion. Therefore, in cases where the risk of sulfation threatens the concrete, this cement is used. The application and advantages of this type of cement are:

✅Use in corrosive and humid environments, in contact with groundwater and running water
✅Suitable for foundations, offshore structures and structures in highly corrosive environments
✅In relatively bulky concretes, foundations, irrigation canals
✅With the advantage of high resistance against sulfate invasion for the construction of concrete pipes, water and sewage canals
✅Durability of concrete in adverse environmental conditions