Central office

Adress: No.8, Niknam St. shamse tabrizi shomali St.

Mirdamad Blv, Tehran Iran | P.O.Box 1919914171

phone: 0212222031402122276307_8
Sale manager: +989122022247 

Fax 02122276305

E-mail:  info@karooncement.ir
Whatsapp operator: 0903-9833-292


Adress: ON the 42 kilometers of road Masjedsoleyman (Gelgir), Khozestan province, Iran
Phone: +986143233122_4+986143220900_5
Fax: +986143220904
E-mail: info@karooncement.ir

Frequently Asked Questions

Please search your question in this section before sending a message or contacting the head office and factory; If you do not find your answer, contact the public relations department of Karoon Cement Company.

Karoon Cement Company does not offer its products in the market as retail. You can buy Karoon Cement products from the representatives of this company in Tehran and Khuzestan provinces.

For information on how to work as a driver in Karoon Cement Company, please contact the following contact numbers:


Karoon Cement Company has also been active in the field of cement export. One of the advantages of Karoon Cement Company is the proximity of the factory to the Persian Gulf and, as a result, international waters. To know how to cooperate for cement export, please contact the following number:


Yes it does. For more information please see the following links:
learning and our branchs in stock market

The cement of Karoon Cement Company has various and countless purposes, among which we can mention dam construction, building construction, etc. 

For more information please contact the following number: