About Karooncement

Karoon Cement Factory is located in Khuzestan province, 45 km away from Masjed Soleiman city. This factory was officially opened in 2000 and now, after years of quality and standard production, it has a gray (or Portland) cement production line with a capacity of 3,000 tons of clinker per day in types 2 and 5. And the second line of its development plan with a capacity of 3500 tons of clinker per day is under construction.

Karoon Cement has two clay and limestone mines near the factory. The hammer crusher of the crushing unit of the factory with a capacity of 800 tons per hour, along with other equipment of the mixing hall, provides the same and a mixture of limestone, iron ore and clay for storage in the material warehouse. This crusher is able to break stones as large as 70 cm into 6 to 7 cm pieces.

The resulting material must go through the abrasion stage in the material mill and become a powder in order to become furnace feed. During this process, the mentioned materials are combined in certain proportions, which have already been approved by the quality control laboratory based on the type of cement produced, and finally stored in kiln feed silos.

The kiln feed is preheated and calcined in the transfer path and after drying and partially calcination, it enters the kiln during the complete cooking process. The product of the kiln is called clinker cement. The produced clinic is heated to more than one thousand degrees Celsius and is cooled by air after entering the Great Cooler.

Part of the hot air produced in an energy recovery cycle is directed to the furnace and used as an auxiliary factor for fuel and flame stability. Another part of this volume of air is directed into the calciner and is used as air required for calciner burners as well as heating of raw materials.

The cooled clinker from the Great-Cooler enters the metal silo and from there is directed to the cement mill hoppers to be ground with a certain percentage of gypsum in the factory ball mills and converted into cement.

All the above steps are accompanied by hourly sampling of laboratory personnel and reporting to the factory production to maintain the quality of the product. Karoon Cement Company products are offered to customers in types 2 and 5 and special cement in bulk, packed in 50 kg bags or jumbo bags.

Karoon Cement Company is a producer of cement and clinker type two and five with the highest quality in accordance with the national standards of Iran and internationally valid, and is also an exporter to Iraq, India, Bangladesh, Kuwait, UAE, Kuwait and the Persian Gulf countries.

The products of Karoon Cement Factory are certified by the National Standard Organization of Iran and are produced under the national standard mark of the country. The cement produced by this company has a very high quality and the products of this company have been used in huge development projects since its launch, projects such as:
Abbaspour Dam, Karkheh Dam, Gotvand Dam, Karoon Dam, Chamshir Dam, Ahwaz Fifth Bridge construction project, several dam bridges, etc.